Trust Me! O_O (lokiz_mom) wrote in nerd_plumage,
Trust Me! O_O

where in J9 divulges her ribbons

ok so everyone else is doing it i might as well do it before they all disappear from my badge

(in no particular order 'cos they all fell off anyway)
silver staffer
25th anniversary celebrant
without you were nothing
friend of baycon
we have a fireplace! and you dont!
sometimes all it takes is a fairy
WWSS (i came up with a WWSS that i would rather not say here)
pink is the new pink
dammit! wrong con
dancing fool
big damn hero
save the world (please note...i saved the world before i saved the cheerleader)
save the cheerleader
~ (that funky symbol from heros)
highly caffeinated
drama llama zoo keeper
con ops says what?
nuke the site from orbit
it's the only way to be sure (for which i raised my hand to show that i was in fact sure!)
it's minion's fault ('cos he didn't give me the "ive got a thing for the minion" ribbon first)
on the list
red shirt walking
chief tyrol's deck crew
check the bar
bite me fan boy
roses are #ff0000
violets are #0000ff
ribbon whore
bravo foxtrot delta
i got my evil
ninja > pirate
flare groupie
friend of JohnO
forrestry merit badge
hedonism society
sad girl in snow
ooh de lally!!
snark bof
baycon 2007 25th anniversary masquerade award
whiskey tango foxtrot?
"we're all mad here"
white & nerdy
wishing you an abundance of spoons!
i have a thing for the minion (he finally gave it to me)
the snark must flow
baycon 2008 santa clara hyatt
knight bus pass
experiment 626 annoyance of the beast
it's not a fetish it's an interest
puppet master (in kanjii)
drama llama ding dong

that puts me at 63...and i know there are more that i didn't get a chance to put on there
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