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Sad news from RV Awards

From hazelchaz's latest Ribbon Rundown, entitled "Everything's on hold":

Kathie Spiss passed away two nights ago.

You may recall that I've said that the two little old ladies in Tucson that run RV Awards have had major health issues. Well, Janet, the one with the broken limbs from the motorcycle accident, has been healing nicely, and has been running the shop while Kathie's been fighting cancer. Kathie's brother came to town to help with things, Janet hired on an assistant, Kathie moved into a hospice for a short stay, and now she's gone.

RV is behind on their orders but is trying to get caught up. I have not yet been told about a memorial service. If it's on a weekend, I might be able to drive out for it.

Where does that leave your ribbon orders?

If I've sent you an order number, i.e. if you were in one of my earlier orders, you're probably fine. I think.

If you were in the last-minute batch, I've sent in your order but I don't know if Janet and her new helper will get to it in time. I'm exploring options if it turns out they can't, so that you can get your ribbons before Gallifrey. I'll be in touch.
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