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Ribbon sources: a hiatus

For those of you who aren't on hazelchaz's mailing list, he just posted the following about RV Awards:

Just got bad news from Arizona. Our little old ribbon ladies are having serious life issues, and after I receive the current order, ribbon production is shutting down for at least a month.

What does this mean for your orders? If you've paid for your ribbons, I'll be in touch with you individually to figure out whether you can have them in time, or if I'll be refunding you your money and helping you find an alternative means of production.

This is mostly going to affect July convention orders.

What about Worldcon and other August conventions? Too early to say for sure. But it won't surprise me if they cut back on their production volume.

More info to follow when I have it.

If you're in need of an alternate source, you may want to check out Chaz's FAQ page.
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