Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation (johno) wrote in nerd_plumage,
Brother Flaming Sword of Moderation

Baycon 2008...

2 Stickers
42 Ribbon

Text - Color - Comments

I ran out of comments to make near the end.

Stickers on the badge:

Reno Tahoe - from the Reno in 2011 bid party

U.N.I.T - wandering U.N.I.T recruiter


Masquerade Crew (Silver on Dark Green)

Guest (Green on White) - I was on 4 panels

Buccaneer (Red on Black) - Full membership ribbon.

Purple Gang (Gold on Purple) - Kitty saw me wearing purple

Met katster (Gold on dark Blue) - LJ friend katster
(still not king)

Press Button. (Red on Grey) - from katster
Receive BayCon

Help! I'm trapped (Silver on med Green) - from katster
in a ribbon factory!

w00t! (Dark Blue on Gold) - from katster

Friend of (Dark Blue on Yellow) - I'm my own friend.
{pencil} JohnO

LiVE JOURNAL (Dark Blue on White - I never got around to adding my name to it.

Permanent Floating (White on Black) - from fr_john
Worldcon Masquerade Crew

Minion {chess pawn} (Gold on Black) - League of Evil Geniuses

Oh, You Mean (Black on Med Grey) - from Chris Garcia johnnyeponymous
THAT Chris

By Hook or By Crook (Red on Med Blue) - from Number 6.

I'm Just Talking (Gold on Red) - I donated to TAFF
About TAFF

Black Fleet (Gold on Black) - from obihave
Star Pirates Guild

Science Fiction/San Francisco (Silver on Blue) - from lady_leandra
News Zine

"Eric in the Elevator" (Silver on Green) - natch
LJ: {} eric_in_elevatr

SF CSTS 2008 - (White on Red) - Cant' Stop the Serenity promo ribbon.
Sat. June 21, 6-11pm

Aiming to Misbehave (Red on Black)

6 + 2 + 1 = 42 (Gold on Green gradient) - from zyxwvut
The 6-2-1 Rule is The Answer!

{box} I'll {box} my
be in bunk
{box} We'll {box} our

{green on light brown) - from zyxwvut

Long John #C0C0C0 (Silver on Red)

The #FFD700-en Hind (Gold on Brown)

The #FFFFF0 Coast (Gold on Ivory)

The #000000 Pearl (Black on Pearl) (Red on Neon Green} - National Can't Stop the Serenity promo

I was uncool before (black on orange) - I found these at computer conference.
uncool was cool!

Saving the world... (Silver on Purple)

One typo at a trime (Purple on Orange)

I want you {Gold on Red)

A Little Priest {Red on Black}

Boromir the Cute in '08 {Silver on Black}
Put a REAL puppet
in the White House

VEGAS! (Green on Neon Yellow) - Burning Fan advertisement

PenSFA {Silver on Green}

Geek (Silver on Dark Green}

Petted by Pet (Dark Blue on Light Blue)

{tea cup} TEA SNOB {Silver on Med Green}

Nicolai 25th {Gold on Purple}

Technomancer's {Gold on Orange}

I'm Just Here {Black on Dark Pink}
For the Party

Dancing Fool {Green on White}

I must not tell lies {Red on Light Pink}
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