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BayCon 2007 Ribbons

Okay, here's my list, some weeks later.


  1. Participant (It may surprise some people that this is for Gaming stuff, not eric_in_elevatr stuff.)
  2. 25th Anniversary Celebrant
  3. Without You We're Nothing
  4. "Eric in the Elevator" (Cast/Crew color: green-on-darker-green)
  5. "Eric in the Elevator" (Guest/Fan color: silver-on-green)
  6. Hunter of Tupperware
  7. 6 + 2 + 1 = 42 / The 6-2-1 Rule is The Answer!
  8. I am not a Werewolf (salvaged from last year's origins2007; I probably had the only one of these at baycon)
  9. Loscon 34 -- I dig it!
  10. She's Having Our Baby (...sigh)
  11. Friend of johno
  12. touched by evil.com
  13. "Use Your Powers Only For Good" / FanboyPlanet.com
  14. Please do not push this ribbon again (black-on-black, lunaticsx's Hotblack Desiato ribbon)
  15. [Heroes "Helix" glyph]
  16. Yatta!
  17. Yata!!!
  18. Save the Cheerleader
  19. Save the World
  20. White & Nerdy
  21. The Door Hit Me
  22. Silly Ribbon
  23. Ribbon Slut (this and the previous were sent to me by special request, and I similarly probably had the only ones at the Con...)
  24. of Doom!
  25. Tilly The Wonder Dog!
  26. Acceptance
  27. Red Shirt Walking
  28. Gnome
  29. Yeah, I know Chris
  30. Port-a-Party
  31. Not Carrion (gotten from Newsletter for appearing in their photo shoot in the hoax issue -- media whoring and I got a ribbon... where's the bad?
  32. Ribbon Whore (orange on lavender -- what was the other color?)
  33. So What? Big Deal!
  34. Died in CharGen
  35. Vegas!
  36. Martians are #00FF00
  37. -ish
  38. Support our Troops! Bring them Home!
  39. Support our Troops! Fund the VA!
  40. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
  41. @-_-@ Project L-11
  42. Dead Ratz on Stix
  43. "I'm Sorry, I left my stunt tongue in my other pants"
  44. It's Minion's Fault
  45. Cult of Johanna -- 2nd Degree (she ran out of 1st, so sad)
  46. Lab Rat / www.cc26.info
  47. Fortuna Major
  48. Minion / www.cc26.info
  49. Geek
  50. It's okay to leave them to die
  51. Shiny!
  52. +12
  53. Washed Masses (I'd thought I'd gotten one on Friday, and then discovered that I either never collected it, or it disappeared. I mean, bad enough that I never got my hands on a "Lather! Rinse! Repent!"...)
  54. Tea... Earl Grey... Hot
  55. Gaming Staff (perhaps an overstatement, but crowgargoyle wanted me to have it)

And that was the badge that was. I could have gotten more if I had the opportunity to really party-hop on Friday night. Oh, well...


P.S.: The masking tape that I used for gaming/EitE posters pretty much got me by. Not like last year, when I lost my "You Can't Stop the Signal" ribbon, and it was so sad for me...!
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